Leisa’s Gallery

Art is something that I grew up with. My mother definitely brought a lot of art and music into our home. Even my grandparents, great grandparent, uncles, aunts are all artists in their own way. Being creative in our house hold was what brought everyone together. Everybody in my family is either a painter, musician, singer, visual performer, writer, even an actress for the theatres.  My specialties have always been painting, drawing, playing some type of crazy instrument, and writing stories. My goal for this year(2017), is to invest in a guitar. Going back to the string instrument after playing  wind instruments (clarinet and bass clarinet) for seven years. As much as music is a big influence in my life, painting and drawing is something that I will be putting a lot more investment into v.s. music. I own an etsy shop (which the link is on the main menu of my website) and plan on RV traveling the united states. Of course when I feel like I have a good inventory to show and feel confident with my art, I will be doing local art events, blogging about it, messing with my youtube channel,  and just living a happy healthy fulfilled life. Being self employed and doing business on the road would be the total dream come true for me. Even better if I find a handsome business partner (future husband) traveling with me helping each other out with our businesses enjoying the good life.  Here are a few art pictures and products I sell in my shop. Of course the more and more I do this, the better my products and art will get. If this artical really speaks to you and you think you be enjoying my stories and adventures, definitely follow me for more awesome stories. We’ll laugh, cry, love, be inspired, dream big, encouraging, and motivated together. Thank you guys so much and have an awesome creative day artistic souls

Light house lady



unnamed (48)

Ice Cream Sundae


True Love Never Dies

unnamed (55)

Space Aliens Need Tea Too You Know


Beer Bottle Opener

unnamed (33)

Sailor Jerry Bottle Opener

unnamed (42)

Tiki Guy Pt.1

unnamed (9)

Tiki Guy Pt.2


SteamPunk Angler Fish


When I First Started Testing The Waters. Art Show With Bother In Law


Thanks Artist Souls 🙂


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