Thinking About Starting A Meetup Group?

Meetup is an app (or can be accessed on your computer) where you can meet like-minded people for a day out on the town, volunteering, festivals, concerts, fitness, awareness, anything you like! They have tons of groups that you can join in your local areas. These are complete strangers that you meetup with. It definitely forces you to meet new people and get out of the house. This is an awesome app for people who are new in town, want to make friends, or just finding ways to improve their lives. I have gone to a couple of meetups myself. I follow one group that holds free beach yoga on the weekends. They have tons of groups like young singles of Orlando, young and active, essential oil classes, cooking,ect. After being on meetup I decided to make my own group. They had groups around spirituality but I was looking for a certain age group. Just because I wanted to make friends myself in my age group that had the same mind-set on spirituality and law of attraction.  So I created my group Young And Awakened Ages 21-35 .  We are in the central Florida area. I would love to take the time to share with you guys what I have learned from running a group and this can help someone who is thinking about starting a group.


Tip 1: Do Your Homework

Before you open up a meetup group, watch YouTube videos, read blogs (which is what you’re doing now so yay!) and figure out if this can work around your schedule. Figure out what days you do and don’t have. Are you better doing groups on Saturdays and Sundays. Or is it better to do them on the weekdays? Make sure not to schedule a meetup on grandmas birthday.


Tip 2: Figure Out The Money Situation

Yes unfortunately to be a group organizer, it does cost money to run it. Creating and customizing your account is easy but the money part is the only sucky part about opening it up. However, you can make money off of it.  Before someone joins, you can make them pay a monthly fee for your group or what ever you decide to do. You might not have a lot of people joining your group but maybe keeping a small group works for you. You can also make a donation button (which I have) so people can always donate money to the group. You can also create groups where people have to pay for tickets. Maybe if you are creating a yoga event, make them buy a $15 dollar ticket to join. This might be nice for someone who is a shop owner that already puts seminars together. You should definitely start a meetup group to bring more traffic in if you have not done so already.


Tip 3: Keep A Notebook For Meetup Ideas

I keep a notebook by my bedside so any ideas I have, I’ll write it down so I wont forget. Meetup ideas sometimes come when you least expect it. I keep a mini one in my bag usually so when im out and just happen to find a really cool restaurants or park that would be perfect to host a meetup at, you can write the location down so you wont forget. Even text it to yourself. Write down anything that comes to mind. Have fun, be creative, take notes, make a time schedule. Picture the day of your event and how it will go. Make sure to check the weather for that day. Nobody wants to be rained on. Come up with a back up plan just in case something goes down. Go with the flow of things too. I have to write everything down to keep organized.


Tip 4: Decide Your Rules/Policies That Work For You

Every single meetup group organizer is going to say their biggest pet peeve is probably people dropping out at the last-minute or not showing up after RSVPing. This happens about maybe 50% to 60% of the time. I have to come clean and be honest with you guys. It’s going to happen. Make rules that work for your group that everyone must follow. With my group they have to fill out three questions before joining. After they filled them out, I have to approve them. One of the questions was being respectful and coming from a place of love. They have to type their signature or nickname before joining. Something that I also do from preventing hassle for my self is while I’m creating the event, I’ll put in the description that if we don’t have enough people showing up that the event will automatically be cancelled even if they drop out at the last minute. Sometimes People have emergencies or something so I always put in my event description to please  unRSVP yourself if they are not going. Maybe you can make the three strikes no-show rule or maybe no refund rule. Find rules/policies that work for you.  You have to pay for making this group and depending on what you’re doing, there’s a lot of work that goes into making these event so make sure everyone understands your polices before they join and want to come to a scheduled event. Make the directions clean so everyone understand where to meet that day.


Tip 5: It’s Better To Have A Partner But You Can Definitely Run It By Yourself

At the moment I’m the only person that runs the group. It can totally work however, I’m limited to what I can do. I would suggest a male and female organizer that day. You both can work well together and be nature leaders. If you are running it on your own, put a limit of available spots so you don’t end up over whelming yourself.


Tip 6: Have Fun With It

I know it can be a little scary but be yourself and get a conversation going. Be organized with the group but don’t be controlling over the group either. Someone who is going to be an uptight organizer the whole time is not much fun.  Be a leader not a shepherd trying to herd sheep into a pen.


Tip 7: Make A Facebook And Instagram Page

Some organizers give out their phone number so if someone gets lost, they can call the organizer. Instead of giving out your number, make a Facebook page just for your group to add. So if they get lost, they can instant message you. Optional to create Instagram page but I think it brings more people in your group from the outside. I also like to post daily quotes, upcoming scheduled events, and pictures the day of the event. Before taking pictures, make sure each member is comfortable with you taking pics and posting it.


Thank you guys sooooooo much love you. If you like the featured photo, here’s a YouTube clip of me drawing it. If you like it don’t forget to like and subscribe 🙂

Meetup tips and tricks video








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