Why Rv Living?

Some people might not get it or not even be open-minded to living in a Rv full-time. I usually don’t tell a lot of people about my plans for the future as far as living in a rv for a while. Most would laugh at the idea or find it strange. My goal by the end of the year is to first get my car paid off. After that I will be debt free. I have never owned a credit card and don’t plan on getting one anytime soon. But I’m going to share with you why I’m getting an rv v.s. just renting an apartment or buying a home.

Reason 1: Debt

The average household debt in America is about $16,000. The only debt that I have ever been in is my car and a little bit of school but not much. I’ve always been someone who planned every big purchase. I wait until I’m able to purchase something and not clean my entire bank account out or at least put a good deposit down. I’m a money goal planner. The truth….I’m a 25-year-old who doesn’t want to be in a massive amount of debt. That shit scares me haha. After I finish paying my car off( almost their only took me  less than two years to finish) the next big purchase is my rv. I want to finish off my car debt first before getting into another small debt. The goal, after my rv purchase is to pay that off too within 2 to 4 years or maybe save enough to where I owe nothing 🙂  Since high school I told my self that I would never own a credit card or at least be in massive debt. I don’t want to live my entire life with debt. A little debt is fine but not to the point where I’m making ends meet and starving. NOT HAPPENING! I rather live in an rv for a while and save enough until I can buy a really nice home with my future husband. I don’t mind putting the maintenance in my rv when needed. But even then, I read stuff on how to keep your rv maintained through the years.

Reason 2: Decorating My Fav

I rather get an rv v.s. an apartment where I’m spending about $800 dollars a month in a home I’m only going to stay in for a little bit. I also don’t know enough people to share an apartment and split the finances with. My parents even said I can park at their home for a little bit. I can also sign up for camp packages like Good Sam Rv Club and I’m sure there are others to save money. With an rv, I seriously don’t mind buying one under $25,000( or even less than that), putting a nice deposit down, paying less than $200 dollars a month, and always having it even when I’m in my late 40s and 50. Family can always use it when I’m not and I can decorate it anyway I want. with an apartment you can’t paint the wall or put new kitchen cabinet in haha. I want to find a used good condition rv that just needs a face lift.   No mold or decay but simply love. I’ll make before and after videos on my PiePiePinup Youtube channel as well as the many rv adventures. Here’s a couple of rv pics or decor ideas I found that make me happy 🙂







Reason 3: YouTube And Blogging The Travels

This one excites me the most. I love to already make peaceful mediations videos on my YouTube channel. I record nature to help people study, meditate, sleep, yoga, ect. here’s an example clip: Sunny Afternoon With Buddha Of course they will get better as I buy nicer equipment. I can make meditation videos where ever I am. I can blog and create videos of all the adventures I have. I’ll get to share it with you guys ❤

Reason 4: I can go where ever I want

Wanna go to Michigan….OK…..want to go to California…..Ok…….Burningman….YAAASSSS. With my rv traveling, not only will I be working on the road but also traveling around the united states trying local restaurants, yoga spots, must does in that area, finding jogging parks with my dog, hiking, canoeing, star gazing, anything. I’ll make sure that I have enough stashed away that I’m able to make money while traveling. Traveling business lady…..PERFECT! Working my dream job while traveling equals happiness 🙂

Reason 5: I Need To Just Go

It’s seriously time for me to go, leave my hometown for a while. I need my serenity, zen and connection with the creator/God/source/universe. After getting out of a breakup (December 2016), I seriously need to leave Florida for a while. I love Florida and  do plan on building a home in Florida but, at this time I just need to go. I’m still trying my best to cleanse from heavy energy. I’m ready to meet new people and make life long friends ❤

Thank you guys so much. Follow your dreams and do what makes you happy. I love you guys….till next time ❤


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