The Twin Flame Journey And What It’s Really About

The night I found out about twin flames, I truly thought it was absolutely ridiculous. It’s just giving people an excuse to think that you can live in a perfect relationship like robots. I was still newly awakened (2015) and trying to understand true love. The first article I read about twin flames was Plato’s theory(greek philosopher). It talked about how souls once lived with two heads, two arms, and two legs, with both female and male genitalia. Zeus and the Gods split the souls up since humans were becoming powerful into two separate bodies. a female and male body.  Twin flames have been looking for each other ever since. Each split apart half is a twin or “Twin Flame” of the other, sharing many of the same personality traits, characteristics, and even sometimes similar appearances.  Many people brush this topic off and come from a place of judgement already. However, me being the curious cat, I decided to do more research on it. After getting out of a divorce, I felt like I really needed to recover and have a better understanding on love. I had to teach myself about love and what it really was all about. I wanted to become closer to God (coming from a christian stand point at the time) and being able to heal myself after years of depression and anxiety growing up as a child.  There are so many twin flame blogs and YouTube clips out there, that people can easily get lost and confused about it or just come from a place of judgment about it. If you are confused or want to get a clearer understanding on the purpose of twin flames, I’m going to explain to you what it’s really all about. It took me about two years to really understand and finally have that light bulb float above my head. Note that I am not a dating coach so be open-minded to this article. You can decide for yourself on what you believe in. This is my personal out look.

First of all, At the time of Platos existences, was in 348 BC in Greece. Everybody believed in more than one God like Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, ect.  At the time the creator/god was speaking to them through gods and goddesses and how the world worked. How the season changed, natural disasters, and daily living. At the time this is what brought people peace with the creator. This is how people in this time saw the creator (or should I say creators) so of course I can see how a lot of people of this time would definitely start to judge the twin flame relationship story and say how ridiculous it is. I could have ended it right there and then  Yet my soul wanted more. ❤ In today present time(2017) this is what people describe twin flames now. What is a twin flame  My belief is that God Speaks to everybody on this plant differently.  What ever your views are on the creator whether that be through Jesus, Buddha, mother earth, what ever you view the creator as and brings you harmony, is the right way.  For me, it’s through Jesus, Buddha, music, nature, even painting a picture, God speaks to me. As I read more and more about it, the happier and more excited I got about it. Was it to good to be true? Could there possibly be a masculine version of me walking around this planet today? Who understands my soul and is the perfect blue print to each other created through God? Are twin flames destined, brought together and made by God to bring peace to the world? Are more twins souls coming together more than ever? I had to know more. At the time, I was a more relaxed version Christian. The truth was I was afraid of religion. I didn’t want to feel like I have lost faith or be afraid anymore. I wanted to have a bond with God and be proud of it.  I was able to through my twin flame journey. Here is my story on my personal twin flame journey enjoy 🙂


    The Beginning:  

     After saying goodbye to my husband on deployment back in March of 2015, I noticed I have gained 30 pounds. I have eaten nothing but crap food and meat. I wanted to lose weight before seeing him again. I decided to eat only vegetarian. No meat at all. During the process I noticed the weight dropping and I started becoming more aware of how bad the meat industry was anyway. I started to have more of a love and respect for animals naturally. originally I became vegitarian to lose weight. Now I’m vegitarian all the time. I absolutely love it. As the months passed, my relationship was crumbling even worse than before. I took Bikram Yoga classes during the summer to relieve my stress and get into shape. During this time I filed for divorce. Feeling depressed, I decided to do research on love and relationships. I came across the suggested book law of attraction. That I was already sold on to buy. The way I felt in my marriage was something I did not want to feel like ever again. Besides finding out about law of attraction, I stumbled upon twin flames too. Getting into plato’s theory lol. Two of the same soul splitting and coming back together again for all eternity.  I wanted to know more in-depth about love and this twin flame relationship. I felt like I failed my marriage and never wanted to feel like this again. I was also releasing a lot of old religious believes too. I wanted to have a bond with God but just didn’t know how to yet. I did more online searching and have read a lot of articles and watched YouTube clips that had a lot of fear and ego based theories on twin flames. This got me into trouble.


False Twin Flames: 

Oh boy I had three false twin flames haha( not including my husband since I didn’t know about twins) which were all karmic relationships. Karmic can be described as what goes around comes around. What ever energy you put out, you get back. During the divorce when I was really immature about the true meaning of twin flames, I had a crush on a guy in my yoga class. I thought he was my twin flame. I thought I had all the signs from the divine. My chakras were all supposedly aligned(so I thought), had instant attraction, and we had the same body shape blah blah haha. Our zodiacs were perfect and even saw a shooting stars in the sky. I  saw signs but this was me just thinking he was my twin and purposely looking for the signs and trying to force the twin flame union in my heart with him. Well at least I know law of attraction works haha just checking. I thought he was my perfect blueprint. Later on I found out he smoked, was an alcoholic, financially broke, and was a complete jerk to my brother-in-law. Definitely not my twin flame. A couple of weeks go by and I get a random message from a guy who use to work with my ex husband. I also, once again, thought he was my real twin flame. Long distance complications with twins, push and pull crap, he asked about my dreams, desires, and flirted a lot over Facebook messaging. Turned out he just wanting a fling and ended up with a girlfriend who he was already going to get with after him and I did it. I never did it with him.  I was really hurt by it. But I learned that day from the experience that whats meant to be, will be. A couple of month go by and I decided to try online dating this time. I was with a guy this time who knew exactly what twin flames were for 7 month. We both had a lot synchrinicities, would think the same things sometimes, and even became close the night we meant. He ended being my false twin flame once again. This one hurt me the worse. I saw red flag after red flag but refused to leave since I thought this was the typical  mirroring each other stuff, push and pull, and twin flame runner chaser bullshit. I was so uneducated on twin flames and didn’t really understand until the end of 2016 when a light bulb finally went off and I really understood about law of attraction, spirituality, and what life and twin flames was all about.


The True Purpose Of Twin Flames:

Breaking up with my boyfriend really hurt. I seriously wanted this to be the one for me.  I really wanted him to be my twin but he wasn’t. I wanted to be his Goddess, but I never really felt like a Goddess with him. He was once again, a karmic relationship. After this breakup I finally really had it sink in for me. After almost two years of studying twin flames, Everything that I had been researching and working hard on finally made since. I had to go through these karmic relationships to finally understand twin love and the true meaning of it. I felt like how the Grinch felt finally after understood the true meaning of Christmas. The Purpose of a Twin Flame is self-love. It’s all about self love and being whole with you and the creator that’s it. Here are the steps of getting to your twin flame

Step1: Except and love yourself completely. Surrender to the universe/creator/god/divine that you are ready to be happy and you want a loving, happy, delicious, amazing, relationship. Use law of attraction. See your self through the eyes of God.

Step2: Feel your emotions. If you need to cry than cry. If you are angry, scream in the car get angry. Heal what ever hurt or trauma you have had in the past. Cleanse it, heal it, forgive, and move on. Go pamper yourself, go see a therapist if you have too. It’s time to start feeling good, being happy again, and making peace. Know that you deserve to feel and be happy

Step3: Now your feeling good right……. great…….now quite you job. You heard me, quite your job. Start finding your life purpose and passions. If you are at a job that just pays the bills and you are seriously not happy, this is not your life purpose that the creator intended for you to do. Start saving up, get excited and start playing around with your passions. When you manifest your dream job and your hearts desire, the money comes naturally. It just energy and it’s law. Even on the most busiest and stressful days, you are still enjoying what you are doing and have the passion for it. More than likely, you and your twin are business partners.

Step4: communicate with the creator and let the signs come naturally. Dont Force Anything. What’s ment to be, will be. Repeat, WHAT’S MENT TO BE, WILL BE. Twin flames is not about obsession and stoking.  Trust the universe. If they are your twin, they will always come back. A relationship made from God for you.  Go with the stream not against it. Let the signs come to you. Ask for help and say thank you. If you think this person is your twin flame than pray/meditate. Maybe you can say in your prayer that if “bob” for instants, is my twin flame, then let this relationship get stronger and stronger everyday. If not then let it die off easy and effortlessly. Another example that I did a couple of weeks ago was I made a mediation praying asking the creator if I should just continue doing what I’m doing or try online dating again. I let the answer go and received  the creators answer two days later when I got an ad for a new dating website. I signed up for it 🙂

step5: Excepting love and start having as much fun on planet earth. Finding your twin flame really does save the world. As people become more awakened, fear and ego will start to go away, heaven on earth, christ conciousness, and love for all things. People will start to love themselves and one another. We start to become grateful for the things we have. Every pay check I get I say a prayer of gratitude. We start to connect with people and start to really get to the core value of things. We have a respect for others religions. We start to take care of the planet, the animals, and our bodies. 


relationships are not perfect. Nobody is perfect. But what makes a strong couple is communication. I also do mirror exercises which is explained on Jeff and Shaleia’s channel which is law of attraction at its best. Two people coming together(already whole) that love and respect each other, bring out the best in one another, can laugh together, balanced, come from a place of love, and compassion. God has that perfect partner for you. I believe in fate. What’s ment to be, will be. But It all starts with you first. Thank you guys so much for stopping by. Till next time artistic souls ❤












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