The Shell/ Short Story

This was quite indeed a beautiful shell. With its perfect white and soft brown tons. When the sun hit the shell, you could see it start to sparkle and the brown tons turned to gold.  It was perfectly twisted on top just like a soft severed ice cream. So beautiful, so amazing, so wonderful to look at. Such a blessing to stumble upon such beauty.  To me, it was perfect. For others, they might think differently. And that’s ok.  But what made it even more amazing, was the cute little snail that lived inside the shell. The soul of the shell. With out this little creature, the shell would not exist. For the snails charm, creativity, and silliness was just as radiant as the outside of the shell if not, even better. But what happens if the shell was damaged by a sudden storm? What if the shell grew kelp on it? what if the shell started to lose its color? Would you still keep the snail after its shell had been damaged? Would you leave it if it no long had radiant to it.  The snail’s beauty will always stay the same until it’s last breath. The shell is always changing and will change through time. Some worse than others.  We can always try our best to take care of the shell just as much as the snail. But the shell changes and sometimes permanent damage can happen to the shell. Would you still be with the snail if the shell was damaged?



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