Thoughts On Education And My Experience

Children love to learn. They want to know everything. They are curious cats pouncing on anything exciting, interesting, tasty, and amusing. Children are one of the best masters when it comes to life. They want to jump in puddles, get messy, and have fun most of the time. When they are sad, they feel sadness, but then they move on. As adults, we tend to linger in sadness till it snowballs. Some have to go to a therapist or take prescriptions.  I remember being so mad at my sister, but then the next day, I would forget about it and play with her again haha.  A child’s heart is huge, yet over time, they lose the heart and child like character. They start to grow, learn from their parents energy, and the environment they are in. As they grow, they start to get into a matrix life style. Some worse than others. Go to school, educate, go to college, work, start a family, start dieting, retire, doctors appointments, get old, die. Not much to it and some live more structural than others. They have certain religious practices, eating what they are told to eat, going to colleges that their family wants them to go to, not following their heart or true calling, ect. I struggled as a child with the matrix life style. I was extremely emotional growing up and didn’t understand why. Definitely with the educational system I had to be in. Note that I am not a counselor, psychologist, or work for the school board. This is just my experience and just sharing my thoughts. This is what I had to go through. Keep an open heart and mind.

I love both of my parents very much. Parents only want what is best. Sometimes parents carry on what they have learned from their parents. So on and so forth. I definitely have a better relationship with them now than I ever did.  I’m not afraid to voice(in a loving way) my personal thoughts. I needed to experience what I had to go through in this life time to grow and become a spiritually strong-minded, loving, neutering, voiced woman I am today.  I grew up in a structural, Christian, obey, respect, follow rules, do what your told setting.  I was taught yes ma’am and no sir. Listen to the authorities no questions asked.  I grew up with a lot of anxiety.  I was taught to be a well-behaved good girl especially in school. But I was not taught to be assertive or how to voice. I was bullied, teased, taken advantage of, had things stolen from me, and would allow kids to push me, grab my arm, and jerk me around. Because if I fought back, I was afraid of getting into trouble with authority. This messed up my confidence and being excited about learning. School became more of a deal with it and get it over with. This is how a lot of children feel in the educational system. Makes me sad that children and teenagers don’t get excited much about learning. That being said, I was put in a public school setting. Sometimes it wasn’t so bad, but a lot of the times, I struggled. Not only with the environment, but how I was being taught.

I was an energy reader. As an adult, I realize this now. As a child, It was a complete nightmare . I can feel people and kids in a room. I can feel people before they say anything. I can feel when someone is up to no good and sense something off about people. I was and still am very sensitive to other people’s energy. I just know how to handle it as an adult.  I would never say anything or come from a place of fear or ego. The truth is that hurt people hurt people and everyone is on different spiritual paths.  As a child, I could sence teachers and their feelings toward me or the class. I could sence frustration, I could sense happiness, and other things to a ten. Being in large groups was draining . Most of the time, I didn’t understand the lessons that much and didn’t understand the directions either. I was afraid to ask questions. I was just kind of flying by the end of my seat. I hated being around certain environments. I didn’t like being in a big class room and felt comfortable in a lot smaller settings with one or two more students. I felt safe in this environment. I hated being inside and wanted to be outside most of the time. I hated the books we read and hated tests.  I hated having to stay after school for extra tutoring. I hated  having to take summer school. I hated being an ESE student and taking the end of the school year tests. For us, it was the F-Cat. I hated being threatened every year to pass my tests or I would get held back. I hated teachers calling on me to answer a question. I froze up every time. I was bored in school. I hated how my best friend was in advance classes and I wasn’t. I hated feeling different and not feeling good enough. I was angry at “smart kids” and wanted to be “smart” too.  I hated hearing how I was just unique and needed extra help. I hated crying in school. I hated feeling embarrassed and not understood. I hated it all and yet I couldn’t express it.

I am not hear to bash public school, however, every single child is different and has to be taught in an environment that works best for them. Public school was not the best environment for me. For others, it works for them. However, I needed in a way to go through this experience so that when my child is born, I can put my child through the best education where their energy can thrive. They are getting the best education that works for them. They deserve to feel good and to feel excited about learning. Learning should be exciting. Not depleted, feeling like a job, put any type of fear, threat, or ego behind it. I love learning on my own and discovering things on my own. I love working independently with small settings v.s. large class room settings. I needed to be in more of a soul to soul connected type of school. Luckily a lot of private schools are now offering yoga, meditation, and different structural settings in our educational system. Children need interaction and to develop social skills. This can be taught when you put them in a favorite sport or something that you know your child will enjoy if you choose to home school. When it comes to education, sometimes kids need smaller settings v.s. large setting. How do you know what type of school to put them in.   Should you put them In public school, home school, or private school?

When a child reaches to the age of 5, it’s time to put them in school. Where do you even begin. A child’s education is important and they need to be in a setting that works best for them. Get them excited about it. Tell them that they are becoming a big girl or boy and that they are going to be furthering their knowledge even more ( other than what they have learned from you so far 🙂 ) about the environment around them and how the world works. Science, math, how to read a book, everything. This should be exciting and not feel like a dread. When they get to be teenagers, I still want them excited about learning and not dread getting up in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, they might end up hating math and they still have to do it, but I don’t want to put negative energy on it to where they feel like they are failing at life and not feeling like a bright student. Because they are truly amazing and they will always be reminded of that by mom and dad. I rather them be around teachers and home school settings where they can work it out and not put emotion harm to their learning. A childs mental health is more important. If they are not doing to hot, get involved and ask question. Get to the emotional core of things. Not just looking at bad grades. Maybe they are just not in the right learning environment. Get involved in their education, find out what they are learning, ask them how they are doing, are they understanding, what are some cons and pros, and how can they learn in a way they understand. Communication and getting to the core is all you need. When my child gets to the age of 5, I plan on asking questions for them to answer to where they can understand. Maybe even making it fun. I’ll first get them excited about school whether that be home school or private. Most adults would laugh at this and not put much thought into asking a 5 year about how they want to learn. However, I want them to be excited about learning and feeling confident.  Here is what I would ask them.

  1. How do you want to make friends? In a setting where you are learning with them or in your favorite activity setting? sports, art, kids yoga, gardening, ect.
  2. Would you feel comfortable learning in a large group, small group, or alone with an instructor? (whether you decide to be the teacher or not. Don’t mention you though for now)
  3. What would your perfect school environment or setting be like? ( they might say something really ridiculous but get to the core of it. it’s a clue)
  4. What are you the most exciting to learn about?
  5. What’s your ideal teacher like?

These are just basic questions.  Over time I’ll probably add more. After asking them, I’ll talk with my husband and use my motherly instinct to either put them in private school or home school setting. If home school, I’ll put them in a club to develop social skills. They still need a group setting.  I don’t plan on putting my child in public school for spiritual reasons. I want my kids to learn about law of attraction, spirituality, yoga, life purpose, manifestations, meditation, energy, love, cooking on their own, dealing with people(negative and positive), finding work, maintenance, saving money, self-love, gardening, animals, healthy choices, nature, environment, relationships, being safe, confidence, vibration, ect. Public school doesn’t teach these things. At least didn’t teach me when I was in school.  If I feel like they would do better in a private school, I rather find a private school where these thing are priority and taught. No competitions and being taught by teachers who take education and love seriously.  When they are about 3rd grade, I’ll ask them how they feel and if they are struggling or having any issues. By that time, they will have an idea of what feels comfortable for them as far as education and their learning style.

A child who is not in the right learning environment right for them, can struggles in school like I did. They can go their whole life feeling unworthy, stupid, feeling belittled, uneducated, not feeling good enough, and strong enough to voice their opinions .  They end up attracting people or un favorable experiences in their life. Love is my priority always. I’ve gotten to the point to where I could careless if someone has gone to college or not. Has been in all advance classes or not. If you are not a kindle person or show compassion to others, than you are at a low vibration and still have much work to do in self-healing. If you are not following your life purpose, choosing to live unhappy, choosing to continue bad choices, complain and not actually doing something about it, unhealthy lifestyle, belittling others, comparing your material lifestyle to others,  being a boss more than a leader, and have lost connection with yourself, than that is the true stupidity. Not how much college you have done or how many advanced classes you have taken. Go to college because you feel it is your calling. Not to show off but because you feel it in your soul to go. Be kind, be happy, have connections, and lets bring good vibes to the world. Lets heal it together. No need for competition:) Thank you guys so much and have an amazing day.





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