Todays Pinups And Thoughts

Pinups have been around since the early 1900’s. It started with the flapper woman and didn’t really become big until the early 40’s and 50’s. The 40’s is where it really took off during World War II when soldiers would hang posters of a pinup woman in their locker. During this time, woman started to wear shorts, pants, and skirts that were a little bit more revealing at the time. Revolution for woman and woman workers.  Flapper woman and pinups was definitely a rebellious thing back then. Today it is a form of art and appreciated. We now have different variety of pinups. We have the classy 40’s style (lace, vintage, high pencil skirts and slender dresses) rockabilly, psychobilly or gothabilly(monsters,horror,skulls), and the 60s style with beehive hair and flare skirts.

Today the style and look of course is more modern. Even the way our models look are completely different today then how it was back than. Some go for more of the classy look as others go for the complete tattoo, lingerie, edgier nudity, and massive over the top victory roll look. I guess you can say my style lands in the middle of classy and edgy. Heres some pics of my style and with the boutique I use to work atBASPs8_s_MVBKJP8qiAtmp-4L2XhM_AKNXgXAmM_Ll

What I like about the style is that it’s just fun. You can be any age and shape, and it flatters everybody. However, I do have my likes and dislikes about the modern pinup. What I do like about it is that a lot of the pinup models are accepting of all body shapes, faces, and they love tattoos. No surgery or really any special diets that a lot of traditional model agencies have you doing. This can very from different companies. I always see pinup girl clothing and other companies with plus size and woman covered in ink. What I don’t really like about it is that there is still ego behind it. Some woman are truly not like this, but a lot of woman especially if you want to be a pinup model( which I thought about doing when I was 20) are a little full of it. I noticed especially this doing pinup contests. If you want to do a pinup contest, do it for yourself and you just want to have fun. I noticed that a lot of the woman in the contest started to change their personality and act completely different around the judges. A lot of them for some reason started to talk really really girly and high-pitched all the sudden hahah.  Some judges and photographers were a little high ego and full of it too. Most model agencies (pinup or not) will be and are not afraid to say what is on their mind. I had a photographer laugh at me once because the judge came up to me and told me to put my shoes back on even though nothing even started yet and didn’t have my shoes off for that long. He laughed at me and said, “you know she’s right, beauty is pain.” And continued taking pictures. I was seriously embarrassed and didn’t want to do the contest anymore. I already felt like I lost or had no chance with getting a photo shoot with photographers. Some of the ladies in the contest were definitely super nice and wished each other good luck others had nothing to do with you. I guess this goes for any contest you do no matter if it’s pinup or bikini swim wear haha. Some judges will either encourage and be super cool or belittle everyone especially if they are models too being the judge. I did it when I was young too. Would I do it again? I probably would but my attitude is a lot different now then it was five years ago.

Another thing that I’m not really fond of is the suicide girls and edgy nudity of it which is pinup playboy. I seriously don’t have a problem with classic nudes and poses when done right, but suicide girls, for me, it’s a little much if I were to do a photo shoot. I really don’t have anything against these woman and would never be nasty towards them ever. It’s their body and choice. A lot of woman see their body as an art form. They do risky performances and a lot more of the edgy booty and boob shots. It’s a lot edgier now compared to how it was in the 40’s and 50’s. The modern pinup nudity I guess. As far as doing that stuff, personally for me, I have my limits on the pinup style. I would totally do burlesque performances to an extent. I just feel like my body and having it exposed like that or doing risky poses, it’s just not special for that person I’m dating anymore since everybody knows what I look like now haha. I’ll do sexy shoots like that for my man only ❤  and not internet use. Some of them are fine and really cool but others a little too much.  Everyone has different opinions on this. If you look at betty page, she was pretty out there too. It’s the same with the pinup clothing too. You can either be really classy and sexy with it or go completely edgy with it.  So again, find your comfort level and if you don’t feel comfortable doing something, no matter how many people talk you into it, if it isn’t feeling right to you, don’t do it.

Thank you guys so much and have an amazing, wonderful day


6 thoughts on “Todays Pinups And Thoughts

  1. I love your style!! So many things were just classier in the 40’s and 50’s. I always wish I was born during that time!


    1. Thank you ❤ The style was definitley classy compared to the style now. Enjoy your evening 🙂

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  2. Your style is fabulous!! Lovely post to read as well xx


    1. Thank you 😁 I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Have a great week.❤

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  3. Thanks for sharings your thoughts!


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