Visiting Old Blog Posts

During my quiet time after eating a delicious vegetarian pizza, I decided to look back on a lot of my old blog posts. I definitely feel like I am in a different state of mind then I was before. A lot of my old posts were intended to help people and help others as far as improving their lives. Truthfully, I hated the position I was in at the beginning of 2017.  I was still living at home, felt torn with my break up,  hated not having female friends to go to for help, and feeling lost as far as my life purpose. I felt like a complete loser. I wanted to die. The beginning of the year was rough. However, blogging and writing about it did help heal a lot of the emotional hurt I was going through at the time and still wanted to help others in the process.

As I was laying in bed (happy belly full of pizza), I was debating to whether delete the old posts or keep them. I decided to keep the old posts but rewrite them with the same topics and put as a part 2. Here’s why I decided to leave them alone. As a spiritual person, we are always expanding meaning that we are always learning and growing no matter how much we already know presently. We might have a different perspective a year or two from now on a topic we had so much faith on two years ago even months ago. Our behavior, emotions, and knowledge is always evolving until the day we die if we choose to better ourselves each and everyday. I can always look back on old posts and learn or even add-on to what I already know. Besides, if I kept deleting old posts and rewriting them, then I would barely have any blogs haha.  Even if we feel confident about our blogs or videos we make, we can feel completely different about what we posted a year from now. Technology and todays medicines, are always improving too. New discoveries and new advances. Never stop learning, never stop expanding. Choose to take care of yourself and the rest will follow.


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