The Issue I have With The Twin Flame Concept

No I am not a psychologist and no I am not a “spiritual teacher” or “guru”. Truthfully I don’t really believe in gurus just greater versions of yourself through others and we can learn from everyone. I am just a simple person who asks questions and meditates on these questions. I don’t force anything and always try to find the truth of things. In the end, you can read this and decide for yourself. Take it with a grain of salt. I’m not trying to start upheaval or conflicts. I’m someone trying to find the truth and nothing but the truth within my heart space. This will probably be my last blog post on the twin flame topic. What I notice is that everybody has their own opinion on it and concepts.

In 2015, I become obsessed with twin flames. I was so determined to find a partner that understood me for once and I understood him. I was tired of feeling lost in relationships and feeling hopeless. I become spiritual and started the twin flame journey to find this ultimate lover. I have gone on a couple dates since 2016 and have learned a lot. But for the past month or two, something has been really bothering me. The truth is, I have made God/Source and myself priority (as should always be) but after watching, reading books, viewing others perspective, and meditating on the topic, something in my core was not feeling right or just feeling off. What could it be? I started to become scared. I truly do not want to deny myself or my twin flame union. But what I’m noticing is that these people who see this person as their twin flame, are claiming that person and claim themselves. That this is your person and no one else. I seriously don’t know if I personally agree with that or claiming a person is a good idea. It seems unhealthy and brings up a lot of upheaval. You don’t own anyone. That’s possession. Many will argue about this and say well you and your twin are the same soul, which may be true however, Love is never possession. They only soul that you posses is yourself and yours only.  What’s meant to be with you will always be with you. They go and get psychic readings (or love reading) to confirm that yes, this person is your twin. I started to write in my journal and ask questions. Do I believe that once you find your truth, your higher self, what you want in life, your dreams and desires, Then your divine partner, your forever soul partner, will always be with you for all eternity? That once you come into full awareness, that there is only one soul partner for you and that’s it? It does not get any better than that? And that’s as good as it’s going to get? you have found the grand supreme and nobody comes after that? You made it to the top of Mount Everest and he/she is the grand finale?

I’m a huge fan of law of attraction, Abraham Hicks work, and I always read The Secret quotes on pinterest. I have listened to Abraham Hicks a lot about love and relationships. Here’s a video of her perspective on soul contracts vs free will by Abraham Hicks . She always says that if a relationship doesn’t work, then something better always comes. But if it’s your twin flame, then that would mean that’s as good as it’s going to get. So once you find that ultimate lover, if there are any hick ups happening, then that means that your twin is just reflecting fears within yourself. The whole purpose of a twin flame is the connection you have with yourself and source. Your twin is just that complement that comes in to play the game of planet Earth with you. You’re already happy and fulfilled within yourself. So why is it that so many people are finding their twin flame (or claiming that person to be their twin flame) that are not emotionally available or are complete assholes to them? Does that mean that their twin is just reflecting scary feelings inside of them? People are getting upset and angry with the Universe/God/Source as to why their twin person is being an asshole to them or not being emotionally available to them. I thought this person was the grand supreme? I thought the twin flame was supposed to be the easiest relationship ever? So what do you do? Your twin flame is supposed to be your complement. The person you can count on and trust on. What the hell is happening? Here is what some say.

You are being nasty and disrespectful toward yourself and have to find the core wounds to healing. Once you heal that or make peace with it, your twin will come back (or whats suppose to happen) since it doesn’t get any better than that person.  Is it safe to know who your twin flame is 100%? My answer is yes but also a big fat no and here’s why. Someone who still has a lot of upheaval and negativity toward themselves, I can see how it can be dangerous and painful. They stop focusing on themselves and start putting more focus and obsession on the other person. Also two unstable twins reflecting each other. Yikes!! What also can happen is that someone who is like your twin flame person comes to you but is not your twin flame person you claim to be or others have claim for you. You refuse the person and say no. You are not my twin flame I chose my twin flame. This is my person and only them not you.  But what I don’t understand is that if you are a spiritual person and you do make yourself and God a priority, then the twin flame relationship should be easy right!?? What I’m noticing is people finding their twin “person”( or getting it confirmed from a psychic reading)  and claiming that twin person. Like that’s it for me nobody else. He/she is the one and then you end up finding out their twin is married or in a serious relationship or being mean to you because you have emotional wounds you still need to heal within yourself to come into union with this person. If you ask me, definitely not a good feeling and sound emotionally painful.

Truth, everyone on this planet wants to be loved and feel loved. They want a partner that complements them and being understood. It sucks investing into someone just to end up in more upheaval. People want to feel safe and to feel there love is safe in the relationship. Who doesn’t!?? Nobody is perfect. You are not perfect. Your twin is not perfect. But they are perfect for you.  Spiritual people are constantly growing. Looking for any blocks healing old wounds and trauma. People think that they can’t be straight up or are afraid to be honest with their twin person because they are their twin. I’m going to be straight with you whether you are my twin flame or not.  Staying within my truth and heart space. Just come from a place of love and not hate but fricken talk haha. If they don’t want to talk, than you tired so leave it alone. Communicate, talk, heal yourself of course. If you feel something bothering you, talk! go for a nature walk, cool off. come back when ready. They say twin flames are your mirror. So if you want to emotionally heal and find your truth then they will too.  So their should not be a problem if you are stable with God and yourself right!? .

Here is my conclusion. Again, you can judge for yourself and leave your own kind opinions or what you know about twins.  I love learning about twins, but I like to hear or read everybody’s perspective on it. Not just from one channel or one book I have watched or read. Just as long as they come from love and they truly want to help others. If you think this person is your twin and they are in a relationship, let it go seriously. Does it suck? of course it does but you will be OK . All breakups twin flames or not sucks. The reason people get heavy on it is because it is their twin soul and reflection of them. Every relationship matters to me twin flame or not. It all sucks and it all hurts. Honestly, I think people need to let that go whether this person is their twin flame or not. It does not matter and it is wrecking your own happiness and making you crazy. Go on dates, have fun, let go whether you think of them as your twin or not. If you claim a person to be your twin flame and they are not emotionally ready, let it be. Go on that date twin flame or not. Love them from far but enjoy yourself. Go to music festivals, take a class, enjoy Earth. Love them so much that it doesn’t matter if they come back or not. Don’t worry about them anymore. It’s in Gods hands.  Know you deserve to feel happy and feel loved. I just don’t find it healthy to obsess about someone for days or months on how this person is not with me and what they are doing every hour because they are your twin. Is it natural to do this? yes of course,  we are only human but life goes on. What’s meant to be, will be especially your twin flame. If they are truly your twin flame and that is the ultimate soul partner for you from God, nothing better than that, and you have reached the light at the end of the tunnel, than their should be no absolute reason why this person would not gravitate naturally back to you EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Do I believe that love readings from another being can determine if this person is your twin flame or not. Honestly, I don’t know. I think you yourself is the strongest bet and you know your soul better than anyone else. Stay within your heart space. We all come from Source/God.  We are all equally capable in finding our truth and standing behind our truth. A spiritual teacher that doesn’t listen or is not open to his/her students to what they have to say, should not be a teacher at all. I believe we are all the students on planet Earth and we are all learning together as a team. There is no competition. We have to all learn from each other and stop pointing fingers and listen. Read your ideal partner list everyday and let that person go if in a relationship.  If a psychic tells you that this person is your twin flame and you completely love, respect, and make source your priority and they are being a complete asshole to you, I personally would start to question things. Continue living your life happy, stress free, and releasing old blocks within as you should. I know I deserve respect and love from a partner. I don’t agree with putting a person on a pedestal above myself. We are whole, equal, and we come together as one in union. I will never be a jerk to myself or anyone ever twin flame or not. Love has no labels, it just is. Even the word “God” is a label. It’s just easy to say the word “God” because everybody has an understanding of it. But in the end, it’s the feeling not the word God. Even God means differently to everyone. The “twin” haha, is teaching you about unconditional love. To have love for them even though they might be making you angry, doing things that you’re not fawned of, or they are not with you. This does not include physical or anger abuse. That is not twin flame and you should never get involved in an abusive relationship male or female. Twins teach unconditional love to dissolve the ego and the old 3D Earth lies about how the masculine and feminine energy is supposed to be by going within your heart space. Being patient and understanding when someone is not ready and continuing to make your happiness priority  no matter what the other is doing. Letting go even though you want to be with this person. Doesn’t matter how they are doing their spiritual work. Twin flame or not. I love you with all my heart and if you choose to be with me, wonderful. Then we can be space vikings together and defeat evil forces from destroying the galaxy. If not, I’m not going to stop my life. I’ll keep fighting evil forces with the divine whether you decide to come back or not. What’s ment for me always comes back. Keep living and playing the game called planet Earth.

Heres a song dedicated to this article haha to get the point across. This song actually came on after I was done writing this article. Spirits way of giving confirmation and a visual.  Pay attention to what’s happening to the “Villian” when coming into his heart space in the video. Enjoy Creators!! Miike Snow – Genghis Khan



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