Odd Soul/ Short Story

What is normal here, is not normal for her. You only live once. NO! She can live for a while. You only die once. Why die now? She’ll just have to come back and try again. Ending the cycle she is doing. She can’t mess up this time. She died young last time from bad mistakes from her past. She did not experience the true nature of life here. Not this time, no. This time, she’s playing the game. She’s been gone from earth for so long. It might take a while for her to adjust again.  She knows the dangers now. She observes and sees humans her age. They act and feel so different then how it was before. What do they think of her. The Gods are showing her the other side now. The ones she thought were odd from her last body, she is now. She understands completely. But she remembers the risk. The fun of the risk. The adventure of the risk. The vibe and being accepted into ego. She would take it and see the world completely different. The world looked so much fun from this angle. She enjoyed it. The abstract world she loved being in, killed her.  Up there she was. This was a completely different angle, but from a different form. She enjoyed looking at this world like this. She stayed for a while, until the Gods told her to go back. Her soul still needed to grow for she could not see the bigger picture just yet. She pleaded not to, for she enjoyed the abstract of the non physical. She loved looking at the world with fun. The Gods knew that if she went back, trouble might come her way. The Gods made her a deal. She would be born as an artist. For now her imagination and creativity will be her drug. However, the world might see you as an odd soul. You have grown and learned so much from your past on earth and being non physical for so long, that others will be full of ego. They are new and still developing. Be patient and kind for their time will come. They were once you. Follow your truth, follow your heart, follow what feels right, become a leader, and you will be done. Good luck odd soul.



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