How To Become a Better Artist Using Law Of Attraction

Welcome beautiful creators 🙂 Today I will be sharing with you my personal tips that have helped me grow and develop as a better artist. If you enjoy this article, you can like and follow me for more upcoming blog posts. You can also find me on my Facebook and YouTube channel.  Info on my home page. Thank you 🙂

Art can be challenging sometime. I truly enjoy art and see art in all aspects of life. However, sometimes things don’t turn out the way I planned. Sometime I’m struggling or it’s not coming out quite the way I want it to. Here is how I manifest my art and hopefully this will help someone out there who is just as passionate about art and being creative as I am.


1.Write Down The Good, The Bad, And Ugly Of Your Art

Go ahead and write down everything that you already feel confident, positive, and love creating already. Now, go ahead and write everything down that you don’t like about your art. Now switch it to something positive. Here’s an example:

“My paintings never come out realistic.” Now turn it into positive general affirmations. “The more realistic drawings or paintings I do, the better I will become. I just need more practice that’s all. what I’m painting right now is just fine. I’m going to be easy on myself and allow this to unfold for me in the smoothest way. I’m going to enjoy the process of becoming a better artists. It will naturally reveal itself to me.” This creates a visual for you and rewires the brian into a more up lifting state v.s. bashing and being hard on yourself. Find words that bring you personal peace. There have been times while painting, where I would get frustrated and start to talk myself down. Which leads me to tip 2. 

2. Be Patient, Kind, And Don’t Compare

It’s easy to compare your style of art with others. STOP DOING THAT RIGHT NOW! It just makes you feel bad and you give up. Everyone is on different levels. If anything, let it inspire you to keep practicing. You can’t rush art either. Think of a sushi chef, just as an example. There are, I’m sure, hundreds of sushi chefs in New York. But each one is unique in his or her own way. If you are passionate and it brings you happiness, than that’s all that matters. It will grow and develop uniquely for you. The universe will provide abundance naturally. If you find yourself getting worked up, take a break, go get a drink of water, or meditate. 


3. Meditate 

When you find yourself struggling, stop what you are doing and go meditate or take a nap. One of my favorite meditation YouTube channels is Power Thoughts Meditation Club.  They use theta binaural beats (which sometimes I like better than talking) to calm the mind chatters. I use meditation to either relax me or get into a state of serenity were I can make affirmations. Only do affirmations when it feel good and you feel happy. Examples of affirmations for growing your art would be, “I feel inspired, I feel confident in my ability, I am proud of all my art pieces, I enjoy what I do, I grow each and everyday, others enjoy my art, I stay focused and motivated.” If you’re feeling frustrated, just relax and don’t worry about your art or creating affirmations right now.


4.  Create Art Only When It Feels Right And It Feels Good

Nothing feels worse than trying to force your art when you have no ideas or inspiration. I only do art when I feel inspired to. I don’t put a bunch of pressure on myself either. I allow the universe to speak to me without forcing anything. Sometimes I get ideas when I am out and they come randomly. Keep a mini notebook or sketch book with you when an idea comes.  Find something that does get your creative juices flowing like listening to music or walking through nature.


5. Change Up Routine

Sometime you just need to change-up your environment. Rearrange your studio or working space. Clean it up, open windows, move furniture, paint some where new, try a different art form, try sculpting, try pastels, do something that you have not done or tried yet. I’m a painter and I wanted to try cake decorating for once. Even went to school for it. Invest in those nice markers you’ve been keeping an eye on. Get excited about art again:)


6. Be Thankful

Be thankful for your talents and being able to do what you do. Others might be wishing what you are complaining about. Make peace with your art. Even if it’s not exactly were you want it to be right now, it’s OK keeping practicing. It might unfold completely different for you. Be open for surprises. If you have the desire and the drive for it, the universe will inspire you. Be a co-creator with your art. Everything happens at divine timing. Enjoy the process and watch the seed grow into a flower. There is no rush and no hurry.  Have fun Artists.


I will be creating a video of this blog on my YouTube channel soon 🙂 Link In the browser section of my main home page.



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